+ Is it safe?

In a word yes. Your safety is always our number one priority. Our staff have thousands of hours experience between them in flying trapeze and all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure your complete safety and comfort. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all risk from this activity without damaging your ability to progress or have fun however, our knowledgeable staff will do everything in their power to ensure your safety and prevent any injuries. Therefore, we ask that you sign a waiver acknowledging there is a small risk involved and stating you will listen to and follow our instructions throughout the class to ensure this risk is negligible.

+ What happens when it rains?

Unfortunately Trapeze is a weather dependant activity. Classes are subject to cancellation at the discretion of our instructors.

+ What happens if a class is cancelled?

If a class is cancelled due to weather before it starts or before you have had a turn due to the weather, a voucher will be issued via e-mail allowing you to re book at another class. If the class is cancelled after you have had a turn but before the catching round you will be given a voucher for 50% off of your next class. If it rains and you have made your catch no voucher will be issued as you will have completed the whole experience.

+ How do I know if you have cancelled the class?

If we take the decision to cancel the class ahead of time we will call you with at least one hours’ notice. We will also post on social media about it too so please do follow us! We will always try to run classes where possible so unless you hear from us we are going to try to run it and do our best sun dance to help it stay dry

+ How much does a lesson cost?

Classes cost £30 for a 2 hour session

+ How do I pay for classes?

Please pay via our online booking system in advance of your class.

+ What class should I book?

If you have never completed a catch before you are a First Time Flyer. If you aren’t sure what completed a catch means this is the class for you!

If you have completed a catch please book our Returning Flyer class

If you have been signed off to swing out of lines by our staff you qualify for our Frequent Flyer classes.

+ How many people are in a class?

Our First Time Flyer class has a maximum of 12 people in it. Returning Flyer classes have a maximum of 10 people in them. Finally our Frequent Flyer class have a maximum of 8 people in them. This ensures the more you come the more goes you get!

+ What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it doesn’t restrict movement, dangle, come off when upside down or be likely to snag on our net! If wearing a long sleeved top please make sure it has enough stretch to roll up past the elbow for catching.

Long trousers such as leggings or yoga pants are ideal especially for your first class as it will protect the back of your knees!

+ Do I have to be strong?

You just need to be able to support your own body weight on a bar for about 10 seconds

+ What are the age and weight restrictions?

Unfortunately we cannot cater for individuals weighing over 100KG / 16 stone or persons yonger than 8 years old

+ Do you run private classes?

Yes we do! We cater privates for groups or individuals so please drop us an e-mail to info@highflytrapeze.com for more details.

Groups to date have included: Stags, hens, dates, work team building, families, group socials, special populations, celebrities and birthday parties.

Private classes are a requirement for any groups of 7 or more. Please drop an e-mail mail to info@highflytrapeze.com for more details.

+ Do you do Kids Parties?

Yes we do! Again please drop an e-mail to info@highflytrapeze.com for more details.

+ How many spaces can I book in one class?

You can book a maximum of 6 spots per class. Groups larger than 6 will require a private booking. Please email info@highflytrapeze.com for more details

+ How long are classes?

2 hours

+ Can I bring friends to watch?

Of course! Only participants are allowed within the inner barrier but there is an area within the bowling green where friends and family can relax and spectate, and will be able to converse through the inner fence.

+ When should I arrive for my class?

Please arrive 10 mins before the start of the class. We will then let you in 5 mins before the class starts to give us enough time to check waivers and you to hang up your coats and put down your bags etc.

+ Can I request an all-female or all-male team?

Yes you can but we will need sufficient notice to organise this. Please e-mail info@highflytrapeze.com

+ Do I have to stay with my child / children during the class?

If you have booked in 4 or more children under the age of 12 we ask that 1 adult stays to act as crowd control. If you have booked in less than 4 or they are all older than 12 you can leave them with us and collect after the 2 hours. We recommend coming to watch for the last 30 minutes of the class!